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Here's what our guests are saying . . .

"We have been boarding our dogs at Harvest House Kennels for over 20 years from their puppy years through their older years. We have total confidence that our dogs are being well cared for while we are away."
The Roberts Family

"When we moved to the area several years ago, our vet recommended Harvest House Kennels to us. When we visited the kennel, we were very impressed with the staff and the cleanliness of the facilities. We would not consider taking our pets anywhere else."
The Diamond Family
"Our dogs are a very special part of our lives. We love them and spoil them as much as we can. So we were very particular and visited several kennels before deciding where to board them. After our visits, there was no other choice for us but Harvest House Kennels. We have moved to Bergen County, but we still return to Harvest House for boarding when we go away."
The Schuberts
"My dog is 14 years old. He is on medications and is a picky eater. I discussed his special needs with the staff at Harvest House Kennels. I was reassured that he would get the extra care and attention he required. He perks –up when we get ready to go to the kennel.  And he smells clean when I pick him up."
Linda W.
"We have 2 children in different colleges and we visit with them frequently. We board our 2 dogs at Harvest House Kennels. They do a great job with their grooming, and the dogs seem to be happy."
The Smith Family
"We had a bad experience boarding our dog at a fancy all-indoor kennel. Their prices were outrageous and everything was “extra.” The worst part though was that our house-trained dog was taught to eliminate indoors at that facility. So when we brought him home, guess what happened. Then we found Harvest House Kennels which has roomy Indoor/Outdoor runs. After boarding at Harvest House, our dog did not have any accidents when we brought him home."
The Lynns
"I used to take my dog to the vet for boarding. Then I found out that there is no one looking after the dogs from 5 PM when office closes until 8 AM the next day. That is too long for my dog to wait to be exercised and eliminate. Now I board my dog only at Harvest House."
B. Durham
"I wanted a coated breed, but I did not realize how much time the grooming would require.  I tried to keep up with it, but I just did not have the time or energy. Now I take my dog to Harvest House for grooming every 5 weeks. She looks great and I don’t feel guilty for neglecting her coat."
P. Hughes
"We have a 7 year old Lab named Rosie, whom we love dearly. She is like another child to us and is treated as a member of the family. We like to travel and unfortunately, it isn’t just everywhere you can bring along an 80 pound puppy. This is where Harvest House Kennels comes in."
"We have been boarding Rosie with Harry Stiles at Harvest House even before we moved to Long Valley almost 7 years ago. Rosie was boarded there for 2 weeks when we were in-transit. Every time we go to pick-up Rosie, she is in good spirits, is glad to see us, looks wonderful and obviously has been well cared for. When we drop her off for boarding, she is actually excited, which I believe is a great reflection on the care and attention she receives at Harvest House. The kennel is clean, airy and pleasantly decorated. All the dogs have both indoor and outdoor facilities which are spacious, airy and immaculately maintained. You are given full access to all areas, nothing is hidden away from you , and you are encouraged to look around. Harvest House offers a variety of services, including play time, daily walks, snack time and training/habit breaking. They also do a great job grooming Rosie. The staff at Harvest House are knowledgeable, dependable and treat each pet as an individual."
"We have recommended Harvest House to all our friends and even the fussiest have been thrilled with the service and attention they have received and they have also begun recommending Harvest House. Just ask our Rosie who jumps up and runs to our door with her tail wagging when she hears Harry’s name."
The Dunlea Family

Harvest House Kennels

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